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Galleri Åkern


                                                       The event 15.8 is fully booked. Velcome to the exhibition 16 - 22. 8 at 12:00 . 17:00

          Life with Nature  Japan-Norway culture day at Galleri Åkern Sunday August 15, at 14:00


                            Lisa Karina Bakke: Photo polymer

                            Hiroyuki Nakajima: Calligraphy

                            Yuichi Saito:  Glass Art


                             Aage Kvalbein: Cello

                             Maiko Nishino Ekeberg: Ballet performance

                             Liv Lande: Koto

                             Svein Westad: Jew's harp

                                                     Program for the day:

                             14:00:         Reception and opening greetings:

                                                     Greeting by Ambassador Hiroshi Kawamura

                                                     Greeting from Kongsberg municipality by director of culture Heidi Hesselberg Løken

                                                     Greetings from the artists Yuichi Saito, Hiroyuki Nakajima and Lisa Karina Bakke

                              15:00:        Concert:

                                                      Aage Kvalbein performs "Turr brunn" Bird in a mother-of pearl cloud, by Lasse Thoresen

                                                      Modern dance performance by Maiko Nishino Ekeberg 

                                                      Liv Lande plays pieces for Japanese koto

                                                      Svein Westad plays overtones on the Jew's harp

                                                      Recitation of Haiku poems of Yasuko Fujie, by Yoko Eriksen

                                                      Flowers to the artists, presented by Siw Bjelland, Fiori ecological flowers

                                 16:00        Refreshments

                                  17:00        Guided tour in the garden and the Ungetsuan teahouse

                                  Due to corona restrictions we have to limit the number of guests inside the gallery to 25.

                                  We kindly ask you to wear masks inside the gallery.


Del denne siden med andre!

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